NetControl is a family of network enabled (Ethernet) devices including a set of different inputs and outputs: relays, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, voltage/current measurement, energy measurment (with external device with pulse output) etc.
    Every NetControl device has integrated WEB server, accessible from any standard browser, allowing users to control and monitor any input or output. For easier integration to custom monitoring systems SNMPv1 protocol is supported.
    Two modules are implemented in software as standard: "PING monitoring" for tracking network availability and reboot of equipment when network is lost; "Automation" allows user to define simple tasks between inputs and outputs e.g. "switch on relay when temperature raises above xx°C).
     Special online (cloud) platform is also available to users and devices connect to it automatically without the need of any specific network settings. Inside the platform users receive extremely powerful set of instruments to manage devices - statistics and reports, energy tariffs, complex automated tasks and schedules, alerts and more!

Web/SNMP access

Manual control and status
Manual control
and status
Active PING monitoring
Restart of devices
on lost network
Automated tasks
Automatic tasks
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icon h
icon sw
Switch ON/Off
of loads
icon ac
A.C. voltage/current
icon dc
D.C. voltage/current
icon counter
Pulse counter
(energy, water, gas)
icon analog
Phase regulation
to AC loads
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Smart Space

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icon report
and statistics
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