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NetControl 4PC2R


This NetControl model is equiped with 4 channels for counting of pulses from external devices for measurement of energy, flow (water, gas) and others, which has the industry standard >80ms pulse output (opto isolated). You must setup in NetControl's interface the transformation constant and its current display value. This way you get a copy of the measurement device's display in NetControl's interface which can be of course accessed any time remotely via Internet or local network.

Using the cloud platform additionally you get function for callculating the real cost of used energy (via user defined tariff plans), graphical reporting of energy consumption, archives. You can also define condtions based on the current energy consumptions that will execute user define actions (including alerts or actions).

In addition to the pulse counter channels you get two SPDT relay outputs (for up to 7A/220VAC).


Input-output channels in NetControl 4PC2R

  • 4 channels for pulse counting (pulses can come from optoisolate open collector or mechanical contact)
  • switch on-off/reboot (SPDT relay contacts) of up to 2 appliances for up to 7A/220VAC (with ability of automatic reboot on PING lost to on IP address)
  • plastic case dimensions 118x72x35mm


Basic network function (for more see user manual)

  • 10 BASE-T Ethernet (NO CrossOver Autodetect);

  • Supported protocols ARP/DHCP/ICMP/TCP/IP/SNMP/TFTP client/WEB server

  • 802.1q VLAN support

  • SNMPv1 (ONLY snmpget/snmpset) protocol for access to all parameters and functions;

  • SNMP traps generation on input change;

  • Output signal generation on analog input change;

  • WEB access to all parameters and functions;

  • TFTP client for firmware update



  • remote reading of devices measuring energy, gas, water (pulse output is needed)
  • Reboot (automatic on PING lost/manual) of hung home network equipment (ADSL modem, routers, APs)
  • "Internet controlled power socket" for 220VAC

  • general purpose 2 channel relay module with Web/SNMP control


um iconUser Manual, SNMP MIB

NetControl Series_UM-2.13_en.pdf (01.2019)

NetControl SNMP MIB v1.4 (11.2017)


firmwareLatest firmware image (also publicly available by TFTP at IP address

Firmware v3.17.zip (11.2017)

Firmware v5.10.zip (02.2019) for PicoIPv2


logo domoticzNode-RED flow for integrating NetControl and Domoticz (MQTT) new-icon

NetControl<->Domoticz Node-RED Flow (v2.0 updated 11.2018)


zabbix availableHost template for integration in Zabbix

NetControl HostTemplate for Zabbix (02.2018)


cactiHost template for integration in Cacti

NetControl HostTemplate for Cacti (02.2018)