Relative humidity (RH) sensor HDS300 is specially designed for optimal work with devices from NetControl series concerning supply, range of measurement and accuracy.
It has a keyed connector for direct attachment to NetControl devices.

IMPORTANT! This sensor is connected to NetControl trough the same connector on back panel used for temperature sensor TDS300. To allow visualisation of humidity in % you will also have to change the settings of NetControl device telling it that "Humidity HDS300" sensor is used (this option is avaibale in 'I/O settings' web menu from firmware version 3.4). Please, give attention to the fact that any change in measurment mode must be reflected in cloud platform via icon (); thus synchronizing the channel type between device and platform.

This sensor can be used with other devices that have analog input for range 0..3.3VDC.

Technical parameters

Operating range 0 to 100 %RH *
Output voltage at 50%RH 1478mV
Input-output formula RH[%]=-6+125*Vout/Vdd
Typical accuracy ±2%RH **
Non-linearity <0.1%RH
Hysteresis ±1%RH
Repeatability ±0.1%RH
Response time (to 63%) 1.65s
Logn term drift <0.25%RH/year
Load current max. 1mA
Length of cable ~2m
Working temperature range -15° - +70°C
Power supply voltage 2.1 до 3.6VDC
Connector type

Cvilux CI01 (DU03) (3 terminal)

tds300 pinout

Cable connections +3.3V - white
Ut - green
GND - black(brown)

* Normal operating range: 0-80%RH, beyond this limit sensor may read a
reversible offset with slow kinetics (+3%RH after 60h at humidity >80%RH). Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may accelerate ageing.
Operating range

** Typical accuracy of relative humidity measurements
given in %RH for temperatures 0 – 80°C.
Typical and maximal tolerance at 25°C  Typical accuracy