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NetControl 24R3S2A



This model has 24 SPDT relay outputs and is perfectly suited for applications with high concentration of control tasks. It also very suitable for remote control and monitoring of Mining Rigs, as this model also has 24 channel Ping Monitor. There are also 3 external sensors connectors and 2 for alarm inputs.


Input-output channels in NetControl 24R3S2A:

  • switch on-off/reboot (normal close relay contact) of up to 24pcs appliances for up to 7A/220VAC (with ability of automatic reboot on PING lost to up to 24 IP address)

  • 3 input connectors for measurеment of temperature (sensor TDS300), humidity (HDS300), water (WDS300)

  • 2 alarm inputs (for mechanical contact/button) for signalization (SNMP trap) of rack/cabinet burglary or AC voltage monitoring (VDS300) sensor
  • integrated "theremoregulator" mode between temperature sensor and any of the relay channels

  • board dimensions 152x124x22mm (no plastic case is supplied). Product can be installed in the following box 180х140х80: http://jv-electric.com/en/products/junction-boxes/junction-box-180x140x80/


Basic network function (for more see user manual)

  • 10/100 Ethernet (CrossOver Autodetect)
  • Last output state can be stored in nonvolatile memory and automatically loaded after power loss
  • Supported protocols ARP/DHCP/ICMP/TCP/IP/SNMP/TFTP client/WEB server/SmartSpace Cloud

  • 802.1q VLAN support

  • SNMPv1 (ONLY snmpget/snmpset) protocol for access to all parameters and functions;

  • SNMP traps generation on input change;

  • Output signal generation on analog input change;

  • WEB access to all parameters and functions;

  • TFTP client for firmware update



  • Reboot (automatic on PING lost/manual) of hung home network equipment (ADSL modem, routers, APs, Mining Rigs)
  • "Internet controlled power socket" for 220VAC with up to 24 sockets

  • general purpose 24 channel relay module with Web/SNMP control
  • IP guarding

  • IP thermometer and thermoregulator; IP humidity meter


User manual and most recent firmware for NetControl

um iconUser Manual, SNMP MIB

NetControl Series_UM-2.21_en.pdf (07.2020) (Only for firmware 5.12+)

NetControl SNMP MIB v1.5 (11.2019)

firmwareLatest firmware image (also publicly available by TFTP at IP address
IMPORTANT! Before updating, please read FirmwareRevisionHistory.txt file from archive
for information on how the new version will affect your current settings!

Firmware v5.31.zip (01.2021)


Archives for old hardware version (3.xx)

NetControl Series_UM-2.13_en.pdf
Firmware v3.17.zip (11.2017)


Application notes and example codes for integration of NetControl to different software systems.

php-logoControl and access NetControl with PHP (with SNMP and HTTP requests) new-icon

netcontrol-php.zip (10.2019)


logo domoticzNode-RED flow for integrating NetControl and Domoticz (MQTT) 

NetControl<->Domoticz Node-RED Flow (v2.1 updated 05.2020)


zabbix availableHost template for integration in Zabbix (SNMP)

NetControl HostTemplate for Zabbix (02.2018)


cactiHost template for integration in Cacti (SNMP)

NetControl HostTemplate for Cacti (02.2018)

logo pythonStoring alarm events to MySQL with Python code (MQTT) new-icon

netcontrol_mqtt2mysql.zip (02.2020)