Temperature snesor TDS300 is specially designed for optimal work with devices from NetControl series concerning supply, range of measurement and accuracy.
It has a keyed connector for direct attachment to NetControl devices.

Technical parameters

Power supply voltage 2.3 - 5.5VDC
Working range -15° - +70°C
Output voltage at 0°C 500mV
Temperature coefficient 10mV/°C
Accuracy ±2°C (0° - 70°C), ±1°C typ.
Non-linearity ±0.5°C
Response time (to 63%) 1.65s
Load current max. 100uA
Length of cable ~2m
Connector type

Cvilux CI01 (DU03) (3 terminal)

tds300 pinout

Cable connections +3.3V - white
Ut - green
GND - black(brown)